Changing Consumer Behavior

15M+ new individual consumers and 6.3M new Medicaid enrollees now have health coverage.  How do you determine whom to engage, how, when, via which programs…and how do you evaluate the results? What are the most effective combinations of actions to boost customer satisfaction and retention, inducing more appropriate use of services, and improving health outcomes for all members?

NextHealth is revolutionizing how health plans identify and change member behavior – every day, for every member – using personalized data and action recommendations.

A Scalable Platform

NextHealth drives measurable consumer behavior change using a prescriptive analytics platform using personalized data and optimized action recommendations.


Uses the latest advances in behavioral economics, adaptive trial design, and machine learning to create and deliver targeted messages (nudges) to customers who will be the most receptive to them.


Identifies highly predictive correlates and clusters of member behaviors, claims histories, attributes, and responses to past events and offers.


Integrates individual data and knowledge from dozens of sources to identify the handful of causal factors that drive member behavior change.

“Who, What, How Well?”

The NextHealth Technologies program cycles through four stages over the course of 90 days. Data is first aggregated and analyzed from multiple sources. Next, the predictive analytics engine identifies patterns, clusters, behavioral transitions, and causal drivers in the data. Values and risk scores are calculated for each member. The platform then finalizes trial design and the master member data file. Lastly, trials are deployed, results are quantified, and changes to optimize outcomes are recommended. This loop is ongoing. As a result, NextHealth Technologies solves the most pressing business questions quickly, easily, and with the authority of empirical data and testing.


NextHealth’s NextNudge™ proprietary short and long-term value (STV, LTV) tools and technology helped a Blue Cross Blue Shield member company identify a small and unique subset of members driving the majority of their net medical income. These older and healthy members displayed different drivers of satisfaction and loyalty then the general population, enabling BCBS to personalize customer service, including physician coordination of benefits visit support, first dollar coverage education and specific wellness programs. The combination of these value drivers is expected to increase loyalty in this group by 47% and drive a material increase in customer life-time value.

NextHealth’s NextNudge™ platform is also able to tell this customer daily when and how members will transition in and out (including attrition) of certain LTV states and what specific members actions should be employed to continue to “move the needle.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As an important strategic partner, NHT has provided tools and techniques that successfully find valuable signals through the noise to drive personalized member engagement and loyalty.”