Driving Measurable Outcomes

15M+ new individual consumers and 6.3M new Medicaid enrollees now have health coverage.  How do you determine whom to engage, how, when, via which programs…and how do you measure the results? What are the most effective combinations of actions to change member behavior, drive more appropriate use of services, and improve health outcomes?

NextHealth is revolutionizing how health plans reduce medical costs using a prescriptive analytics and consumer engagement platform. Because outcomes are causal and measurable, we put our fees at risk based on results.

A Scalable Platform

NextHealth Technologies offers a secure and scalable SaaS platform that delivers proven outcomes and speed to value. Seamlessly integrating predictive and prescriptive analytics, behavioral science, and multichannel consumer engagement, NextHealth scales to dozens of use cases available out of the box, including avoidable ER reduction, out-of-network usage reduction, hospital readmissions reduction, and high value member retention. An optional managed services offering ensures implementation and results within weeks as well as an efficient knowledge transfer for client teams.


Uses the latest advances in behavioral economics, adaptive trial design, and machine learning to create and deliver targeted messages (nudges) to customers who will be the most receptive to them.


Identifies highly predictive correlates and clusters of member behaviors, claims histories, attributes, and responses to past events and offers.


Integrates individual data and knowledge from dozens of sources to identify the handful of causal factors that drive member behavior change.

“Who, What, How Well?”

The NextHealth Technologies program cycles through four stages over the course of 90 days. Data is first aggregated and analyzed from multiple sources. Next, the predictive analytics engine identifies patterns, clusters, behavioral transitions, and causal drivers in the data. Values and risk scores are calculated for each member. The platform then finalizes trial design and the master member data file. Lastly, trials are deployed, results are quantified, and changes to optimize outcomes are recommended. This loop is ongoing. As a result, NextHealth Technologies solves the most pressing business questions quickly, easily, and with the authority of empirical data and testing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“NextHealth’s automated platform was implemented in weeks, not years. It’s not often you see that kind of speed to value, especially when you are seeking the kind of outcomes that NextHealth delivers.”